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1. Tea leaves are of four basic varieties: Black, Green, Oolong and White. White teas derive their name as the tea leaves are plucked at an early age when they have white hairy growth.
2. White teas are famous for this anti-skin ageing properties. They bring a glow to the skin and avoid wrinkles. White teas are used in the production of many cosmetics also. These teas have higher degree of health benefits in comparison to Green Teas, and are specially good for anti-skin ageing, teeth cavities and diabetes type-2.
3. White teas are made of bud and single leaf, which is considered to be highly premium.  Only a small quantity of White tea is produced in a large area, these are quite expensive.These are slightly fruity in taste and are quite soothing.
4. White Elixir is organiclly produced in Himalayan region, having high altitude and cold climate.
5. As this White tea is made of only bud and single whole leaf, and are rolled, these teas take time to unfurl while being brewed, and release their extracts slowly. Therefore, these teas are meant to be used 3-4 times.