Ice Teas

What do we offer?

Many people use `premix` to make ice teas. This is quite an unhealthy option as these premix contain less than 2% tea extract, and rest is sugar etc and also preservatives.

The best way to make ice is using normal tea leaves. All teas, particularly Black, Green, Oolong and Flavored teas can be used to make Ice teas. Fruit flavored teas go well as ice teas. We strongly recommend use of whole leaf organic teas to be used as the base in Ice tea to leverage the associated health benefits while relishing your favorite flavor.

Our following teas are quite popular for ice teas:

  1. Nettle Lemongrass
  2. Mixed Fruit
  3. Peach
  4. Strawberry
  5. Indian Summer
  6. Orange Mint
  7. Tulsi-Rhododendron
  8. Arabian Mint
  9. RefreshG+ (Green Tea, Mint and Lemongrass)
  10. NutritionG+ (Green Tea, Moringa, Hibiscus and Lemongrass)
  11. Rose Black etc

All the above teas are made from Organic Whole Leaf teas. All flavors are 100% natural as against `nature-identical` and `artificial`. All Herbs are in large-cut and naturally dried. These teas are available in 100 Gms, 50 Gms and 20 Pyramid teabag packs. The Whole Leaf teas require a lot of space for unfurling/expansion during brewing that the normal teabags don`t allow. Therefore, we use pyramid shpaed teabags.

How to make Ice Teas?

  • Ice teas provide a good healthy substitute to various forms of colas and other carbonated drinks. The ice teas are prepared with a variety of fruit flavors, and are becoming increasingly popular and fashionable in the society.
  • Iced tea is a generic term for any tea that is consumed chilled. Usually iced tea is served with a slice of a citrus fruit, such as lemon or orange. Of late, the fruit is infused into the tea before packaging in the tea bags to make flavored iced tea. 
  • To make iced tea, the tea should be brewed first. Ice teas require strong tea flavour. Therefore, you can add flavored or normal tea bags in 250 ml water. After brewing, the tea is poured into a glass or glazed pitcher that has been designed to cope with heat. Plastic and metal pitchers should be avoided as they can impart unwanted flavours to the tea. Usually sugar syrup is added to iced tea, as chilled tea tends to taste bitter and astringent. This is because the tea is brewed for longer. Fresh lemon drops and crushed mint leaves can be added for garnishing. A slice of orange can be put on the edge of glass to make the drink visually appealing.
  • The tea should be allowed to cool completely while in the pitcher. After cooling, the container should be refrigerated for a minimum of 2-3 hours. Iced tea should be served completely chilled. Ice cubes should be added as required. A slice of citrus fruit, such as lemon or orance can be added to improve the taste, or for garnishing.
  • You should use full leaf green or black tea as the base, with or without any fruit flavoring. These leaves have higher degree of anti-oxidant properties and good aroma.

Making Ice Teas in Cafes?

Ice teas are in high demand in cafes as these are healthy substitute to typical colas. However, cafes struggle making ice teas using above process as it is time consuming. Also, cafes cannot make these ice teas in anticipation of orders as it may lead to a lot of wastage! As a result, many cafes use:
  1. Readymade bottled ice teas that contain preservatives and lack freshness.
  2. Premixes that are dissolved in cold water. As mentioned above, these are not healthy, and negatively impact the branding of cafes.
In view of above issues, we advise cafes to use another approach which is very healthy, and offers a fresh and tasty ice teas that are best appreciated by people:
  1. Make a black tea and a green tea concentrate (without flavoring) in the morning using the process explained above. 
  2. Keep a few pieces of 3-4 varieties of fruits e.g. Peach, Strawberry, Orange etc
  3. On receiving the order from the customer, make ice tea as per the following steps:
    • Fill up the serving glass half with ice, and add approx 100-125 cc of tea concentrate. It is recommended to serve around 350-400 CC of ice tea in a serving. Therefore, the serving glass should be big in size.
    • Add sugar syrup as per taste.
    • Add fruit pulp as per customer`s choice. People easily notice and love the freshness and taste of fruit pulp in ice tea.
    • Add lemon and mint for garnishing.