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100% Organic whole leaves, loose or in pyramid tea bags

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Though India leads the world in tea drinking, still the best of them all, the premium and healthier varieties of teas, namely the ‘Organic’ and ‘Whole Leaf’ teas of various types (Black, Green, Oolong and White), have not been able to find a foothold in Indian society so far. It is only the traditional chai, that centuries-old all purpose drink, which is the preferred drink here.

The major reason for this, to a large extent, is a lack of awareness about the health benefits of these organic, whole leaf teas. From a health point of view these teas are far superior to any traditional variety, but not many people among the general public are aware of this. Since these teas are expensive, the tea estates owners, traders and sellers find it convenient to export the quality, organic, whole leaf teas to developed countries, rather than investing in educating people in India.

The socio-economic development of the last 20 years has helped a large number of Indians move upwards and aspire for a better quality of life. They do not mind spending a little extra so as not to compromise on their health.

The purpose and vision behind the formation of Budwhite Teas Pvt Ltd is to make people aware of the immense health benefits these teas have to offer. The goal of the company is to create a culture where health tea drinking becomes a part of an individual’s daily routine, the young and the old alike. We are suppliers and exporters in the premium teas segment:

1. Tea leaves are from best organic tea estates
2. We use only 'whole leaf' teas as against 'broken leaf', 'fanning' or 'dust'. The 'whole leaf' teas have better aroma and higher level of anti-oxidants.
3. Our herbs are in large cut, and are naturally dried. Therefore, these have better aroma.
4. Overall, we have 35+ varieties of teas covering Black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal, Flavored and Gourmet teas. All our flavors are 100% natural (as against nature-identical or artificial).

Our teas are available both in loose form, as well as in pyramid tea bags. The 'whole leaf' teas don't come in normal tea bags as these require a lot of space for unfurling/expansion during brewing and normal tea bags don't allow that kind of space. It is only these pyramid shaped tea bags that allow for this expansion.

Our organic and whole leaf teas are sold through a network of retailers as well as through online shopping stores.

We also supply a wide range of tea infusers made of steel and brass polished with Nickel and Silver. These infusers enable people to make their tea without needing an elaborate arrangement of kettle and strainer etc.

There is also a range of corporate and personal gifts with tea as the central theme.

These teas, tea accessories such as tea infusers, and corporate gifts are available through our online shopping portal, alongside miscellaneous online shopping stores and retailers.

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